When life gives you blue paint spill it on people!



In a the Monkies Eyes

After we finshed reading the novel Half brother, writen by Kenneth Oppel, we watched the documentry called project nim. This documentry was made in the 70’s, and was finally released  in 2011. This was a real project based on teaching a monkey sign language. This project ran for about or almost 12 years.

As a babby Nim was taken from his mother. His mother already knowing what was going to happen, curreled up in a conner to protect her babby but she was shot with a sleeping dart. The babby chimp was taken from his mothers arms by a woman, this woman had a family and Nim was soon a part of this family.

This woman was asked by a professor to taken in a baby chimp treat it like a human and teach it sign language he was raised to his early teen chimp years. He was taken for this family soon after and brought to a manchien he did not seem afected in any way. He was taught better in this place. But he began to bite people harder than before it was always a safety issue but nothing so severe. Two of the worst things that had happened were at the manchien, when one of his teacher was packing to leave he bashed her head repeatedly in to the cemente, and the other he almost bite through her cheek leaving an open bloody wound in her face for three monthes. He was a danger to his teachers lives, so he must be sent away.

Nim was a famous chimp and was the first chimp to learn language. But the experiment was abandone because they say that he was just copying the teacher because he was smarter than they thought. They found this project after the research was done to be a waste of time. When the project was abandone Nim was also abandone to the place of which he was born. He found two chimp freinds and was very well off at this fesility, that is until it sold all its chimps including Nim to a science lab called (LEMSIP) Laboratory for Experimental Medicine and Surgery in Primates that tested on primates. He was sent to this lab and was tested on for a short time before he was bought by black beauty ranch for animals that were abused. But there was no other chimps at this  Nim was very alone.

LEBSIP went out of buisness the chimps were sent away or killed but Nim’s chimp freinds were sent to live with Nim in his home. Nim Died very old in his cage from a heart attack.



In Vivo Testing

We are studying the novel Half Brother it includes different oppinions and different questions, like all great books have. These questions are really deep and according to a persons oppinion the question may or may not be very important. They include:

•  Is Animal testing important or not? What are you 1-10?

•  Is keeping a animal as a pet a type of slavery? Why?

•  What is a person? Is a animal a person? why or why not?

•  Is animal testing bad or good? why or why not?

In Vivo testing is experimention on a whole living organisms. This ranges from fish to non-human primates, they are used to test products that are for human use. For these tests animals are kepted in captivity and are used for experements. These experiment vary from genetics all the way to cosmetic testing, they are used to keep humans the safest they can possibly be but not with out harming and or killing the animals. Once the tests are finished the animals are euthanized or die during the experiments.
I think this is a very large issue and needs to be talked about. It has very good effects for people, but how dose it effect the animals? Is it fair to do this to the animals? Why can we do this to animals if it hurts them? Why?
Animals have rights not to be used for animal experimention because some times the costs out weighs the benifits. If animals are still living during a experiment it should be considerd torture, unless it is to help the animal. There was a debate in 1655 about if animals physiology could be affected by the pain during the experiment, rendering the results unrelible. The first animal crultey law was inforced in the brittish parliment in 1822. This law was to enforce people who were crule to animals, but not the people who tested on animals which depending on the places they were being tested was maybe even cruler.

This is a quote from Charles Darwin “You ask about my opinion on vivisection. I quite agree that it is justifiable for real investigations on physiology; but not for mere damnable and detestable curiosity. It is a subject which makes me sick with horror, so I will not say another worddabout it, else I shall not sleep to-night.” This quote justified  the crultey of animal testing. I you were them how would you feel to be stabed with sharp objects, cut open, force feed, or given deseies? Then you are killed. Then you wouldn’t be able to do anything!


Half year, Half way, Hindrance.

“It goes slow but gain’s speed.” It reminds me of a train, it slowly floats by, then it adds speed untill it is at full capasity. Like my half year has been. This school year has been very slow until three weeks before exams.

8 things about exams that have changed this school year to last school year for me.

1)Were you satisfided with your marks for this mid term (1 to 5)?: This year 5/5,  last year 4/5.

2)How long did you study for exams?: Two weeks.

3)How did you study for your exams?: Read notes, studied text books, made tests, question, made lists, reviewed important facts also reviewed work.

4)How could you have improved in studying?: I could study longer than two weeks.

5)How could you improve in your exams?:I could go back over my tests and check over harder questions.

6)What was your goal for the other half of the year?: Full exemtions.

7)How close are you to your goal?: I think I am on my way to completing my goal.

8)How has your six word story involved your half year?: My six word story involves my half year because in the beginning of my year it seemed to take forever, but now it seems like it is going really fast.

Mission Nimpossible

The study of chimpanzee has decline almost entierly. The reserch done in the 70’s has proven that chimpanzee’s are capable of comunicating with people but not with there voice’s. It has been proven that there brian can prosess symbols and sign’s so they are able to comunicate with humans, with sigh language.

The reactions of this testing has very bad reviews. Animal testing is tests done for the good effects for humans but bad effects for animals apply.

This is the moral to the novel, Half brother. The book is partly based on a true story. A family has takin in a chimpanzee and treated it like a human. But what is the problem with this is it bad, good what dose life think of this? How dose it affect everyone involved?

My Vital Group Collaboration

Collaboration, colaboration is a group effort done by many people. In my case 58 students split bettween two provinces, in small towns, 27 hundred killometers apart working over the internet.

The  task at hand was to make prestaions about different topics related to a book that we are going to read in the near future. The book is called half  brother, this is partly a true story. Based on project Nim, project Nim took place in the 70’s and the book is about a monkey named Zan. scientist are trying to figgure out if chimps can  learn at a human level.

Thanks to Google and it’s many tools and working pages these groups are alloud to work together. Google Docs has supplied online working tools such as the documents that we used and the presentaion pages, but there is much more to work with on Google docs. But there was one problem with Docs when are groups were chating in the documents there was no chating in the presentaions, so we needed to have are document page open which was quite anyoing! The problem was we had to go back and forth to prestentaion to docs to finding images.

But over all the trouble that had happend work with these students had become not a task, but a plesure. It was fun to work with someone you have never worked with before even if you have a disagrement or two.

Well my conculsion is if you think your good at working in groups you should try working on line with one no face, no emotioin, no phiisical contact.



Idea Hive Interests Survey

My name is Sully, not Sulley or Sullie just Sully, But I don’t mind Sullivan because some people call me Sullivan. I am a student Mr.Fishers class I am in grade eight and it’s really fun and I enjoy it!  I am pationite about history, gym, art and other. I like to meet people and I like to have fun I don’t like to be unaperciated for the things that I do, unless they were bad things!
Almost every one in the Class in Wingham brushes there teeth twice.
Something that uniqe about me is I like no websites!
The person that I am most alike is with a girl!!! I don’t mind more or less it dosen’t matter. Her name is Taylwalk she is most like me be because she brushes her teeth the same# of times, she wants to go to the same place for a vacation, she hates spiders, she likes to hang out with her frinds when she is not in school. she hasn’t been out side of canada like me!

My Drawing

I love to draw, faces, people, and animals. Mrs.Shipowits has been teaching me drawing fundamentals and has given me many books to self teach . I like to draw in my own space ! like my room. It is quiet and allows me to be creative and just express my emotions in my drawings . I have drawn many sketches, dozens at this point. One of my very favourite drawings is a horse that I drew for my Auntie ; it turned out awesome ! I enjoy drawing faces and landscapes the most and can’t wait to take art next year in grade 9, so that I can just get better at it . I would like to be able to do something with drawing when I am an adult . You never know maybe I will be able to make some good money at it …LOL . Seriously thou my passion is drawing because I can be myself !